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Useful Links

Find out more about eczema and other dry skin conditions with these selected websites.

National Eczema Society

The National Eczema Society is the only organization in the UK - and one of the most established eczema organizations worldwide - dedicated to the needs of people with eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

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NHS choices: Eczema

NHS choices contains a wealth of information about eczema, including its symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment. You'll also find interviews with experts and patients about their experiences with eczema.

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Talk Eczema

Talk Eczema is a busy site for patients to chat and exchange experiences about their eczema, with special forums dedicated to babies and children, new patients, moisturisers and emollients, and more.

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Ichthyosis Support Group

The Ichthyosis Support Group offers information and advice for patients with all types of ichthyosis and ichthyosiform syndromes.

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