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Hydromol Cream | hydromol Skin Care

Hydromol Cream

Hydromol Cream

Smooth. Soft. Hydrating.

Hydromol cream is light and gentle to the touch and seals moisture in, helping to smooth the surface of the skin.

It is easily absorbed into the skin, helping to soften dry skin and eczema.

Its unique formulation also helps to restore the skin's natural hydrating properties, positively aiding skin hydration.


Please refer to full Summary of Product Characteristics before prescribing.

Presentation: Soft white cream containing sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate (2.5%).

Indications: Dry skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema, ichthyosis and senile pruritus.

Dosage and Administration: Apply liberally to affected area and massage into skin as often as required.

Contra-indications: Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Warnings & Precautions: Not designed for use as a diluent.

Side-effects: Rarely a non serious allergic type reaction may be experienced, e.g. rash.

Legal Category: GSL.

Packs and basic NHS price: 50g - £2.19, 100g £4.09, 500g - £11.92.

Marketing Authorisation number: PL 16853/0089

Full prescribing information is available from:
Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Avonbridge House
Bath Road
SN15 2BB

Adverse Event Reporting

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Alliance Pharmaceuticals. Telephone: 01249 466966, or email:

Date of preparation/last revised: November 2014

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Dosage and Administration:

Apply liberally to affected area and massage into skin as often as required; it is especially beneficial after bathing.

AL/1226/10.11/0.001 Date of preparation: October 2011

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